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Alexa Necklace - Gold
Alexa Necklace - Gold

Alexa Necklace - Gold

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The Alexa Necklace in 18K Gold Vermeil is inspired by Victorian motifs of a hand and sword. Named 'Alexa' which translates to 'protector of Mankind' in Greek, the hand symbolises loyalty and strength with the sword representing protection, strength, and courage. A delicate round cut Blue Sapphires speaks to wisdom, intuition, and spirituality.

The Alexa Necklace is a reminder of your innate strength, intuition, and wisdom. The longer chain length layers beautifully and is a unisex style to adorn all.

Stone Properties

Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone associated with wisdom, knowledge and insight. It’s celestial blue hues mirror the night sky, associating it with the divine. Sapphire is a status symbol considered sacred across cultures throughout history.

* This item features a natural gemstone. Please note that there can be slight variations in the colour and texturing of each stone - which makes every piece unique.

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