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Outland Denim

Denim to End Poverty 
Outland Denim crafts premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of our seamstresses and our customers closer together. We source the finest raw materials from around the world while offering sustainable employment and training opportunities to women who have experienced exploitation. We have proven that a sustainable career path and holistic approach to supporting our staff is the key to true social change in not only the lives of our staff but their families and communities.


Outland Denim was founded as an avenue for the training, employment, and career progression for women who had experienced exploitation. Today we welcome employees from varying backgrounds of vulnerability and social injustice to elevate people into prosperity via opportunity, skills acquisition, living wages and education.


At Outland Denim, we do business in a way that makes sense for today, tomorrow, and for future generations by employing industry-leading water and energy reducing technology, and investing into research in-house and in partnership with universities and governments around the world.


Less water, less energy, and more conscious construction. We source the finest raw materials from suppliers who share in our mission and excel in social and environmental responsibility. Every button, rivet, and stitch is carefully selected by our designers with intention to minimise impact on the environment and to mitigate the risk of exploitation in our supply chain.

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