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Linda Tahija

Drawn to the ability of a piece of jewellery to tell a story and hold a deep personal meaning for the wearer, it is Linda Tahija's goal that her very own creations will become such items, treasured and past on from generation to generation.

Each Linda Tahija Sterling Silver Jewellery work is made from nickel free sterling silver and coated in precious metals. The label is recognised for producing pieces that feature exquisite texture and patterning, available in silver, rose or yellow gold plated/vermeil.

While her passion for jewellery is founded in childhood memories, her inspiration and reference comes from the distinct, tribal patterns and artworks of ancient cultures in far away places. Think of works created by native African, Aztec and North American Indian tribes.

Her collections will often see coloured, precious stones, placed amongst striking, bold, exotic patterned and shaped settings. Each piece is hand finished, adding to the label’s charm.

The Linda Tahija symbol is one of quality and impeccable design.
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